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Start Publishing: 02-13-2019
Disrupt and Conquer - Mastering The Complex Sale

Disrupt and Conquer - Mastering The Complex Sale
by Gerhard Vierthaler

If we ask any of our clients how selling has changed over the years, there are a lot of answers - with one recurring theme - that it's harder than ever to sell today.

Competing in today's world of accelerated change is no easy task, but still, every sales organization seems to have some star performers that come through for them, no matter what. What gives? How come they succeed when others in their team show laggard performance, or crash & burn?

Top salespeople don't win because they somehow mastered the complex economy - they win because they mastered the complex sale.

Stellar performers focus the conversation on unique aspects and results tailored to the prospect, they challenge the status quo, create urgency and take control of the sale. They understand the principle of
 trust, time management and transaction.

It comes as no surprise that they vastly outperform traditional relationship builders. A global study of sales rep productivity with more than 6,000 salespeople across 100 companies by the Sales Executive Council had relationship builders come in dead last, accounting for only 7% of all star performers.

While obviously relationships still matter in B2B sales, it seems that the nature of those relationships matter. Top performers push prospects to think outside the box, thus creating constructive tension with insights. Relationship builders focus on relieving tension, avoid rocking the boat, thus becoming subordinate to their prospects demand.

They lose control of the sale by being well liked and everybody's friend - thinking they get the sale. While these sales reps are enjoyable, their lack of effectiveness ultimately doesn't help prospects address their objectives.

Interestingly, most sales organizations still focus their recruiting strategies on relationship builders, the ones least likely to win. It is high time to look at your hiring practices. 

Sales still is about understanding people, including their motivations, behaviors, needs/wants, time frames, budgets, and other factors. Successful sales organizations need a sales model foundation which supports the development of disruptive sales engagement skills relative to best practices and the demands of the market today.
To your continued success,

Gerhard Vierthaler
Value Strategy Group


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