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Start Publishing: 05-09-2019
Focus On The Problem - Not The Solution

Focus On The Problem - Not The Solution
by Gerhard Vierthaler

Antiquated corporate selling practices are holding businesses back from fully realizing new opportunities. Competing in today's world of accelerated change is no easy task, with sophisticated buyers sitting in the driver's seat. The new era of "Sales 2.0" forced organizations to reboot their sales & marketing functions to increase sales productivity and velocity. 


Companies realize that regardless of how good they think their model is - they have to keep evolving to retain an edge. Even tailored content throughout the sales & marketing cycle, delivered with pinpoint precision - with just the right blend of education and thought leadership, has started to lose its luster of late as more sales organizations are catching up. 

So why doesn't trying to desperately keep up with every whim of your target market work? For starters, stop merely pointing out how different you are, especially since the majority of businesses are already doing that. And with most of our prospects facing similar problems & risks, doing their research and accessing the same information - their decision criteria are very similar as well. 

People perceive risks differently. Risks of uncertainty, risks of doing nothing or staying the course - plus the risks of making a bad choice with ensuing consequences. If everybody had the same appetite for risk, the stock market could not function. 

Sales teams are struggling because they work for companies who push branded solutions, but fail to understand the deeper implications of different risk perceptions and business problems. 

To really stand apart from the competition and to become relevant is to help prospects see their problems differently. 

Today's top producing sales reps sell radically different by bringing exciting, fresh perspectives to the table - not just echoing commonly held wisdom or regurgitated research. Confident delivery of a blunt risk analysis, with focus on intrinsic business problems is as important as a detailed outline of a better outcome - using your aptly positioned offerings. In sales we seek to disrupt the status quo by reframing how prospects see the unanticipated impacts of their problems through education and insight.

It's great to be seen as a trusted adviser with differentiated solutions - but it's a surefire way to sound like everybody else if we focus on solutions too early. Previously unknown or unconsidered perspectives that give buyers an edge in the market will vastly make your offerings more relevant and increase your chances of success.

As we keep pounding through 2018, keep above points in mind to keep from falling into the trap of misplaced focus and selling in the sea of sameness. 

"How wonderful that we have met with a paradox. Now we have some hope of making progress."  
~Niels Bohr

To your  continued success,
Gerhard Vierthaler 
Value Strategy Group
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