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Start Publishing: 07-02-2017
10 Mid-Year Business Resolutions



Are We There Yet? 10 Mid-Year Business Resolutions 

By Paul DiModica & Gerhard Vierthaler

With 4th of July weekend here, it's the perfect time to review whether you are on track to hit your ojectives as established at the beginning of the year.
It is customary in January for management teams huddle in the backroom, order pizza, strategize their corporate goals, and develop new business concepts while simultaneously designing marketing materials that will make them look like serious contenders and  industry players. They will assign new company compensation plans, sales quotas, and job responsibilities.
Yet studies show that most people lack a personal success plan or even a business plan (a sales plan is not a business plan) and that by April of each New Year, most people have failed to live up to their New Year's goals.
  • Assuming that your team did set forth new goals and plans, are those new goals and plans working well? If not, are you going to wait until next January to correct it?
  • Did you fail to implement adjustments, and instead just carried over the same practices from last year to this year? 
At the Value Strategy Group, we work with CEOs and business executives to increase their professional and corporate business performance. To help our many subscribers of The Value Strategy Newsletter, we have provided a list of the top ten recommended "New Year's business" resolutions modified from the traditional resolutions. If you didn't review them earlier this year, you should take a serious look at them mid-year. 

Are the following resolutions tough? You bet they are. 

Am I being too aggressive in my observations? Maybe, but these resolutions are designed to make you reach for strategic and tactical goals that will make you more successful.
Top 10 Business Resolutions
  1. Be a better leader. As the CEO or president of my company, I will stop to let ego drive my business decisions. Instead, I will substitute business logic, research and input from others.

  2. Base my business decisions on research. As the CEO or president, I will refrain from making up my team's annual sales quota or target assignments in the backroom. Instead, I will calculate their goals based on a mathematical sales capture model that also looks at market opportunity size by territory.

  3. Invest in my business. As the CEO or president of my company, I will invest in outside sales training, marketing, and strategy advisement for my company. Even if I or my team learns just one new sales, marketing or strategy practice, I will have become a better leader for helping everyone learn that new practice to achieve their goals and objectives - leading my company to become more successful.

  4. Accept accountability. As a salesperson, I will stop blaming marketing, the services group, operations/engineering, or my boss when I fail to hit my assigned sales quota. Instead, I will be a mature salesperson and accept it's my responsibility to be successful within the corporate environment I operate in.

  5. Invest in myself. As an executive or salesperson, I will stop expecting someone else to invest in my skills, accept that this is my chosen career, understand that I am a professional, and actually invest my own money in career training to become more successful (at least 1% of my gross income a year).

  6. Learn something new. As an executive, I will try to learn some new sales, marketing or strategy methods and techniques to increase my success.

  7. Make more money. As a salesperson, even though I hate to cold call, I will cold call at least 40 new prospects a week, every week -- because cold calling is still one of the best ways to hunt for new business and make more money. 

  8. Be more productive. As a marketing department manager, I will focus on generating qualified inbound leads for my sales team first, work on branding second, and create brochures third. As an executive, I will try to delegate responsibilities to other individuals.

  9. Reduce stress. As a sales manager, I will stop managing my team by emotions., but rather by metrics that are realistic and can be documented.

  10. Help others. As a manager of operations, engineering or corporate services delivery, I will stop blaming the sales department for client engagement problems and start working with them in tandem to deliver what I said we can do.
And One Extra Mid-Year's Resolution... work on what I like doing -- never just what I have to do.
Whether you are focused on taking that much-needed vacation right now, you should take the time now to review your business plan and goals for 2017 and also jump-start your success in 2018.

To your continued success! 
Gerhard Vierthaler
Value Strategy Group
  Gerhard Vierthaler, CEO
 As CEO As CEO of the Value Strategy Group, Gerhard Vierthaler works with clients worldwide in complex B2B selling environments, helping organizations focus on pain management, value creation and customer outcomes to maximize growth. 


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