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About Value Strategy Group E-mail
The Value Strategy Group is a management consulting firm that works with growth-directed companies seeking to increase corporate revenue and profits. Using a Value Forward™ Sales and Marketing approach we align marketing and sales with corporate strategy to increase reach, improve marketing return on investment, maximize business operation efficiencies, shorten sales cycles and boost top-line revenues.

We work in four key business areas — sales, marketing, corporate strategic advisory, and consulting to the senior management team — but our real strength comes from combining & leveraging the talents & experience of our coaches and the Value Forward Network's worldwide varied client base, cross-industry engagements and aligning business models with best practices of best-in-class organizations.
In This Market, It is Eat ... or Be Eaten!
Why do prospects buy from you? Why do you lose business? How do you create value that prospects believe? Do you know? Is your current vision longer than one year? Is there a perceived lack of focus on the direction of the company? Do you need help to take your firm to the next level?
How Can We Help?
Today, business growth is only for the hunters. If you want to grow your business today . . you need to fight for it. We specialize in working with growth directed firms — to develop integrated value forward sales and marketing strategies linked with specific sales training techniques to help grow your top line revenues. 

Today most product and service firms pull their value behind them and force their company into a commodity position with their competitors. When executives say, "We have great service," "we are customer-centric," or "our offerings are the best," they just sound like their competition. When you market and sell like your competitors, you become identical to your competitors... and you have to price your product or service equal to or less than your competitors.

Take the CEO Business Growth Audit Test
to see 25 of the 100+ drivers we use to audit a company's potential for success and measure the areas that are weak and need to be adjusted. 

The Value Strategy Group offers Executive Coaching to senior management teams and individuals seeking to increase corporate or personal business performance. We also focus on Strategy Development that is aligned to company sales and marketing methods to help your firm create an integrated revenue capture process.
Our Sales Team Training and Strategy programs are designed to help you and your team"become a peer in the boardroom, instead of a vendor waiting in the hallway®".
Position Your Business Value in Front of You.
This picture shows the integrated methodology logo of the Value  Strategy Group

To grow your firm today, you need to integrate your financial metrics, development, operations, strategy, marketing, and sales programs into one outbound revenue capture approach focused on communicating your business value up front so prospects see you differently than your competition. Get a clear picture of your business's financial health through our CEO Business Success Scorecard, a tool designed to help you evaluate your company's strategy, sales, marketing and financial performance.

Corporate Strategy, Marketing, Sales and Business Alliances
Cannot Operate as Stand-Alone Silos.

To help firms succeed, we use a 360° business value assessment and implementation approach to understand how our clients can create business value that can be marketed and sold to help achieve the goal of corporate revenue enlargement. Through our Value Forward™ Sales and Marketing strategies, we develop coordinated business value strategies, engagement marketing lead generation programs, and specific sales processes and techniques to help companies grow business from existing clients and new prospects.

Our business approach is based on an analytical process using corporate sales and marketing best practices, financial health assessments, benchmark models, third party research, and constant business process monitoring of sales and marketing management teams using our newsletter  Using this approach, we provide our clients with custom designed strategy, marketing and sales best practice programs that are tactically implemented and designed to increase revenue.

Added Strength Through Partnership

Logo of of the ValueForward NetworkThe Value Strategy Group is a Certified and Licensed Partner of the Value Forward™ Network. Since 2001, the Value Forward Network has worked with a diverse mix of product and service-based companies including Fortune 100 companies, family run businesses, associations, venture capital funded businesses, strategic partner focused players, privately-held companies, established mid-tier companies and small start-ups.

Build a Replicable and Scalable Sales and Marketing Process.
Through the Value Strategy Group’s programs and services, we can help you create a defined value forward sales and marketing process that can be measured, tracked and benchmarked to increase revenue.
We analyze your key performance issues, identify your strengths and recommend strategies leading to superior results.

Our Methods Have Been Featured in .....
Investor’s Daily, the New York Times, Fox News, Selling Power Magazine, Sales and Marketing Magazine, CIO Magazine, CFO Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Training Magazine, Marketing Magazine, Transport Times, Computer World Magazine, Entrepreneur Radio, Chicago Tribune, The Cleveland Sunday Paper, Kansas City Small Business Monthly, The Manager's Intelligence Report, Agent's Sales Journal, Executive Travel Magazine, Wisconsin Professional Journal, Time Compression Technologies Magazine, Minorities and Women Magazine, Broker Agent News, World Fence News, Affluent Magazine, Value Added Partners, The Merchant Magazine, Pennsylvania Business Central Magazine,.... and many others.

Our Clients
Business Growth Results

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Strategic Planning & Disruption Roadmap
Are You Getting Results? Still planning on dominating your market in 2017? Need some help? We give you the best shot for success, guided by proven best practices that ensure completeness; with an outcome that is powerful and positions the firm to dominate the competition.

Executive Coaching - Deepening Your Expertise in a Dynamic World
The Executive  Coaching and Success Retainer Program is designed to analyze current approaches to give CEOs one-on-one advice and mentoring on corporate strategy, marketing, strategic planning, sales process, exit strategies & corporate mergers.
find out how we engage...
Sales Team Training & Process Development
Master The Complex Sale. Beat your biggest competitor: Your prospect's status-quo. Our 3T-Sales Process teaches you how to create differentiated value so your prospects see you as a strategic adviser, understand the cost of doing nothing & take action sooner.


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