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360o360 Business Success Assessment Business Success Assessment Recommendation Program

To help firms succeed in 2012 and beyond, we use a 360° business value assessment and implementation approach to understand how our clients can create business value that can be marketed and sold to help achieve the goal of corporate revenue enlargement. Through our Value Forward™ Sales and Marketing strategies, we develop coordinated business value strategies, engagement marketing lead generation programs, and specific sales processes and techniques to help companies grow business from existing clients and new prospects.


"We at Lifewater Engineering Company greatly enjoy working with Gerhard Vierthaler. His enthusiasm is infectious. His business experience is invaluable. His connections are endless. Gerhard helped us understand the importance of differentiating ourselves in a competitive marketplace and how to do it. As a result, our sales roughly doubled. I would recommend Gerhard and Value Strategy Group to any company that wants to improve its business position and profitability."  Bob Tsigonis, President, Lifewater Engineering Company.

 Private, Onsite Sales Team Training, Sales Strategy and Marketing Advisement
- Custom Designed For Your Needs.

For those companies seeking to train a sales force, enhance their marketing capabilities or develop a new growth business strategy to be more successful in generating increased revenue, we offer personalized, private, in house training and consulting programs. Each program can be custom designed for your product or service-based needs. Our programs and services are delivered to you and your team on your schedule.

Financial Health Analysis, Recommendations and Business Valuation

The Financial Health Analysis and Recommendations program analyzes key financial figures of your business and provides you with a plain language written report highlighting the areas of your business which are the strongest and those which need improvement, while outlining an action plan for reaching your financial goals. The report includes: charts, graphs and a star rating system to measure your businesses’ financial health. Key financial areas covered include: liquidity, profits, profit margins, sales, borrowing, assets, employees and ratios. You'll even see just how your financial situation compares to other businesses in your industry for a better perspective.

The Business Valuation Analysis program analyzes key financial figures or your business to determine the market value of your business today. If you are looking to sell your business, apply for additional funding or evaluate business value based on future projections this analysis will be key.

Our On-Site Consulting and Training Workshop Offerings Include:

  • Half-day onsite engagements with 30 days of email and telephone consulting
  • 1-Day onsite engagements with 30 days of consulting by email and conference calls
  • 2-Day onsite engagements with 60 days of consulting by email and conference calls
  • 3-Day onsite engagements with 90 days of consulting by email and conference calls
  • Coaching and training via onsite and long-distance is also available by monthly, quarterly and annual programs
  • Design your own, customized corporate seminar - In-House Trainings Events, Corporate Meetings, 2010 Annual Kick-Off, National Sales Meetings - All topics are customized to your business and event objectives.

Topics Include But Are Not Limited To:

  • Strategic sales team training
  • Sales strategy development and process consulting
  • Sales team member assessment
  • Sales quota and compensation assessment programs
  • Business valuation and advisement
  • Business development and partner program assessments
  • Sales negotiation and objection management training
  • Website assessment, website marketing strategies, redesign advisement services
  • Key account and target account sales development and training programs
  • Sales management team training and mentoring
  • How to cold call management, penetrate the no-talk zone and create value
  • How to give executive briefings that stimulate buying action steps
  • Inside sales team training to generate leads and sell more
  • How to use storytelling as a sales tool
  • Business model growth assessment and recommendation program
  • Operations department/assessment and new product development
  • Business Value Gap Assessment Program - Measuring your perceptions of your value and your actual value
  • Marketing Success Assessment and Strategy Development
  • Electronic Marketing Assessments and Recommendations
  • New Market Gap Assessment
  • Market Positioning
  • Product and service pricing assessments
  • Prospect 'Marcom' Material Review and Recommendations
  • Sales Value Proposition Development
  • White Paper Development and Critiquing
  • Trade show sales and marketing success advisement

Value Strategy Group Overview



   To help with your needs, please call us at (907) 222-2703
   or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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