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Business leaders face greater challenges than ever before. Competition is fierce, resources are stretched and every day presents a new challenge. Top performers and athletes look to coaches to help them reach a level of excellence.

Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, explains why everyone needs a business coach.


Fresh perspectives & insights are the foundation for successful, profitable growth in an ultra-competitive economy. Given the complexity of business today, it is quintessential to examine opportunities and challenges from every angle - risk, sales process, marketing methodology, strategy, value positioning, competition, and financial management. And that's just what we help clients do, so they can achieve sustained growth & unprecedented results regardless of the market condition.

You have a choice - calculated steps or unintended results!
Do you have a coach?

The Value Strategy Group offers executive coaching to senior management teams and individuals seeking to increase corporate or personal business performance. The CEO Long Distance Coaching and Corporate Success Retainer Program is designed to give CEOs and their management teams one-on-one strategic advice and executive mentoring on corporate strategy, marketing, strategic planning, sales process, sales management, operations, exit strategies and corporate mergers. The goal of our program is to provide proactive support to the CEO to help them maximize their corporate performance and reach their personal goals.

Through our program, we hold weekly telephone advisement sessions to coach the CEO and their team on marketing tactics, corporate strategy and sales process and methodology.  Each week, we develop specific strategic steps needed to be completed between sessions to help the management team increase their corporate success.

Additionally, with this program the CEO has unlimited access to the Value Strategy Group by email for one-on-one coaching between telephone sessions for advice and guidance on any business need or subject.

Depending of the goals of the client, on-site coaching, consulting and team training can be packaged with this program as needed. 

Our executive coaching programs include monthly and ongoing retainer based options and cover all sales, marketing, strategy and business growth subjects including but not limited to:

            o CEO advisory and mentoring
            o Sales and Marketing Scorecard Development
            o Corporate Strategy
            o Market Gap Analysis
            o Marketing
            o Corporate Branding
            o New Product and Services Strategy and Development
            o Sales Training
            o Sales Process Development
            o Sales Team Management
            o How to hire Sales Management
            o How to develop Sales Management Compensation Programs
            o Operations Setup and Management
            o Corporate Organizational Design
            o Mergers and Acquisitions
            o Department Budget Development
            o Strategic Planning
            o New business analysis  

CEO Coaching Brochure



Click here to download our PDF brochure on the CEO Coaching Program. For more information on our CEO Coaching program, call (907) 222-2703

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