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We are well into 2017 - are you on track to hit numbers this quarter?

The Value Strategy Group can shed light on actual performance and redefine success by focusing on strategy development that is aligned to company sales and marketing methods to help your firm create an integrated revenue capture process.

This picture shows the integrated methodology logo of the Value  Strategy Group

Our strategy services include:
- Integrating financial management, development, operations, strategy, sales and marketing and into one company-wide revenue capture program

- Business model growth assessment and recommendation program

- Operations department/assessment and new product development

- Business strategy planning, coaching and advisement

- Business Value Gap Assessment Program – measuring the gaps of your perceived value and your actual value

“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity” - Albert Einstein 

Strategic Planning Program

Strategic Planning is an organization's process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy, including its capital and people. Through a strategic, 2-day one-on-one client workshop we help you and your team walk through a complete analysis of your current business, an exploratory strategy session of where you want and need to go, and help you define your corporate goals and maximize your business success.

Phase 1 -- Pre-Meeting Current Business Model Assessment

Through our best practices databases, we complete a detailed financial analysis of your business and measure you against your industry competitors. Then we create an independent, non-biased business valuation of your business worth using a discounted cash-flow assessment and then we scorecard your marketing, sales and strategy process.

With this detailed background, we then understand better your growth success potential and use this information as a foundation for the plan development.

Phase 2 -- On-Site Strategic Plan Development

Through a tactical 2-day one-on-one client workshop, we walk CEOs and their management team through an interactive discussion on their current business position and then hold an exploratory strategy session on where they want and need to go. Using the Value Forward methodology, we systematically help them build specific goal objectives, calculate corporate asset requirements, determine employee staffing needs, and plan timelines needed to layout their strategic plan.

Phase 3 -- Managing and Understanding

Once your on-site strategic planning session is completed, we regroup with all the data, client objectives, and business assumptions collected during the engagement and then write your strategic plan.

Once your plan is submitted, we then provide the CEO and the management team ongoing coaching and consulting on the plan’s recommendations and implementation requirements.

“The difference between an entrepreneurially managed company and a professionally managed company -- is planning and metrics.” Paul DiModica

Strategic Planning Program Brochure

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to download our PDF brochure.
For more information on our Strategic Planning program, call
(907) 222-2703

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