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"All revenue is good revenue" - We are hearing that from a lot of firms. Not a good strategy for longterm profitability. What is your firm's core competence? What are your margins? Do you know your margins for all your products & services you sell? Financial analysis will shed light on areas you should focus on for continued success.

If your profitability erodes due to changes in your market or cost structure swift and decisive action is required. Overall business value could erode quickly if proper action is not taken to change the direction of the business. The Value Strategy Group provides an independent outside view that is unencumbered with the past and the excuses that justify the financial position you are in. Our business advisory reports provide the perfect foundation for a business performance counseling session to help your business grow and be profitable.

Business Advisory Reports Flyer Liquidity - can you meet your obligations as they come due? Do you annually budget for expected cash requirements
Gross Profit / Net Profit - are these trends favorable? How do they compare to your peers in the industry?
Sales - Are they growing and are you satisfied with their levels? Have you established sales goals for next year?
Borrowing - Is it costing you more than it should?
Assets - Are they being used effectively to generate a strong return on your investment?
Employees - Are your sales per employee too low, what is the industry standard? Are you hiring effectively?

CEO Success Scorecard Brochure                       CEO Business Success Scorecard

The CEO Business Success Scorecard is a business tool designed to help you evaluate your company's   strategy, sales, marketing and financial performance. The scorecard covers over 100 key performance  indicators which are compared and scored against industry best practices. After our analysis we deliver a final scorecard report and recommendations for business performance improvement.

Take the CEO Business Growth Audit Test to see 25 of the 100+ drivers we use to audit a company's potential for success and measure the areas that are weak and need to be adjusted.

The Financial Health Analysis and Recommendations program part of the scorecard analyzes key financial figures of your business and provides you with a plain language written report highlighting the areas of your business which are the strongest and those which need improvement, while outlining an action plan for reaching your financial goals.

The report includes: charts, graphs and a star rating system to measure your businesses’ financial health. Key financial areas covered include: liquidity, profits, profit margins, sales, borrowing, assets, employees and ratios. You'll even see just how your financial situation compares to other businesses in your industry for a better perspective.

Business Valuation Analysis 

The Business Valuation Analysis program analyzes key financial figures of your business to determine the market value of your business today. If you are looking to sell your business, apply for additional funding or evaluate business value based on future projections this analysis will be key.  

To help with your needs, please call us at (907) 222-2703 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . 

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