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  • Disrupt & Conquer - Mastering The Complex Sale? 
  • Is Your Growth Strategy Steeped in Mediocrity?
  • Are You Afraid To Rock The Boat?
  • CEO's and Senior Managers Need to Refer to Their Business Plan Weekly!

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    • 25 Success Drivers for Success - Take the CEO Business Growth Audit Test
    • 6 Approaches t
      o Growth and How They Affect Business Opportunities
    • 3 Reasons Why Most B2B Branding Fails and Scares Prospects Away
    • 7 Reasons Why Many CEO's Will Miss Their Revenue Numbers in 2017
    • Special Report: The Top 8 Action Steps Salespeople Can Take to Hit Their Sales Quota
    • The 7 Stages Of Prospect Commitment You Need To Manage!
    • 6 Reasons CEO's Need To Use A CEO coach To Help Grow Business Profitably

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    • FREE Value Forward Network SPECIAL REPORT  -  "The Top 8 Action Steps Salespeople Can Take to Hit Their Sales Quota Now -  According to a Study of 3,000 Successful Salespeople."
    • Book: "Value Forward Selling - How to Sell to Management: Become a peer in the boardroom, instead of a vendor in the hallway!®"
    • Book: "Sales Management Power Strategies"
    • Book: "Value Forward Marketing" 
    • eBook: "How To Get A Better Job Or Negogiate A Promotion"


    • Value Strategy Group Overview
    • Merger & Aquisitions
    • Sales Training
    • New Service/Product Launch
    • Strategic Planning Program
    • CEO Coaching
    • CEO Business Success Scorecard
    • Teleseminars
    • Grow Your Business - 7 Premeditated Steps

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    • Watch the introduction to the Value Forward Method
    • 7-Step Business Success Program

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