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The  Value Strategy Group provides businesses and executives with thought provoking articles and practical tips to stimulate our clients' thinking and create new value for their organizations. For our Newsletter Archive ->  CLICK HERE  After you click the REQUEST button we ask you to tell us a little more about how we can provide you with value. In return, we will send you the URL via email so you can download the free whitepaper.

7 Reasons Why Many CEO's Will Miss Their Revenue Numbers in 2017
In the current economy, alignment between strategy, marketing, and sales process is the foundation of every major business market revenue growth and new business success. From technology firms to theme parks, planned business performance utilization is the consistent element to increase revenue ...

WHITEPAPER - 7 Reasons Why Many CEO's Will Miss Revenue:  

Following a Competitors Pricing Often Leads to Failure!
3 Strategic Action Steps to Calculate Price Correctly and Increase High Tech Business Success.
IT business success requires a planned process where pricing is correctly selected to maximize the company’s revenue goals, market penetration and profit objectives. Most sales teams in a competitive buyingposition, often declare that their price is ....

WHITEPAPER - Strategic Action Steps To Price Correctly:  

If You are Waiting For the Economy to Change or the Federal Government to Help, You will Fail

Qualified buyers in this economy are not going to wait for you to sell them, and the Federal Government's economic stimulus engine is stuck in park. So if you are using the same business success and growth model you did two years ago, you may not have an option - you may not be here next year......

WHITEPAPER - Waiting For the Economy to Change:  

25 Success Drivers for Success - Take the CEO Business Growth Audit Test

At the Value Strategy Group, we audit 100+ business growth drivers to determine company strengths and weaknesses in their operating models. Here are 25 of the 100+ drivers we use to audit a company's potential for success and measure the areas that are weak and need to be adjusted. In order to be growing your business aggressively, you need to use a premeditated system, take specific action steps to maximize ...

WHITEPAPER - CEO Business Growth Audit Test:  

6 Reasons Why CEO's Need to Use a CEO Coach to Help Grow Their Business Profitably.
Growing a profitable business has been compared to balancing an egg on your head, while standing barefoot on sharp knives. It’s not easy to do and a wrong decision can penalize you immediately. Regardless of whether a business is privately held, family run or managed by investors, CEOs need an independent third-party advisor and a professional business support network that...

WHITEPAPER- 6 Reasons why CEO's need to use a CEO coach:  

6 Approaches to Growth and How They Affect Business Opportunities

Sustainable year-over-year growth is a continuous challenge for all management teams who are seeking to expand their business. Business expansion is tied to the market model you select for your current success and future expansion, and it is also tied to correct alignment with one of the four growth stages in which ...

WHITEPAPER - 6 Approaches to Growth:  

3 Reasons Why Most B2B Branding Fails and Scares Prospects Away
Does branding help salespeople sell more?
In the B2B market, CEOs and marketing managers struggle with the answer to this question which helps them allocate budgets, create company messaging and develop tactical programs to generate inbound leads for the sales team members. It is estimated that many Global 1000 companies spend up to 15% of their ...

WHITEPAPER - 3 Reasons Why Most B2B Branding Fails:  

The 7 Stages Of Prospect Commitment You Need To Manage!
Are you managed by your prospects?
Are you projecting your needs onto prospects -- hoping they will buy?
Are you held hostage to the small size of your sales pipeline?
To sell more products and services, it is important to manage prospects -- not have them manage you. Selling is a profession where you must subliminally drive the ...

WHITEPAPER - 7 Stages Of Prospect Commitment To Manage:  

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