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"Want to make a strategic growth move? Gerhard has the tools to get you there. There are lots of pieces to having solid growth and Gerhard helps you put them into a playbook for success"  Rene Schofield, CEO

"Gerhard is all about the Game of Success"
"Intuitive & forensically seeking daily clues, he identifies business trends, digs deep and implements unique ways to improve growth - branding your business with an eye for the future.Suzanne Kelley, President

"Working with Value Strategy Group and their Executive Coaching program has benefitted our firm greatly."
"As CEO’s we are responsible for having the right business strategies and making sure our teams are executing them correctly. Collaboration with Value Strategy Group forces us to think “Outside the Box” when building strategies and how we measure our employees in reaching our goals." Russ Ball, President

"Gerhard helped us understand the importance of differentiating ourselves in a competitive marketplace and how to do it. As a result, our sales roughly doubled."
"We greatly enjoy working with Gerhard Vierthaler. His enthusiasm is infectious. His business experience is invaluable. His connections are endless. I would recommend Gerhard and Value Strategy Group to any company that wants to improve its business position and profitability."  Bob Tsigonis, President

"Since the Value Strategy Group has worked with our firm, the sales effectiveness has increased dramatically and business growth is substantial"
"Gerhard's extensive knowledge in sales and marketing practices is his foundation to help grow your business. The test of any coaching program is the results it delivers!"
Hans J. Bauer, Chief Operating Officer

"I was impressed with Gerhard's concept of value-creation, revenue capture and funneling new contacts into a sequential lead nurturing system"
We took these concepts and turned them into actionable strategy, which is not always easy to do"  Guy Peters, Business Development Specialist

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